OG Flyer

As a fellow human being, I couldn’t bare to watch George Floyd lose his life at the hand of police brutality. I hope for some it’s the lifting of the veil of our supposed democratic systems. It’s also made me step back and look at how privileged I am to be able to handle valuable instruments without the accusation of theft, based on the fact that I’m a white male. For the record, my shop doors are open to all; I want to welcome everyone with the same level of respect, honesty and dignity that I would want to receive. But if you think racism/homophobia/sexism has a place in society, you're not welcome here. I’ve decided to take the proceeds of the sale of my OG Flyer guitar, and donate a portion to a local BLM org of the purchaser’s choice, and another portion to the George Floyd GoFundMe. The Lawyer hired by Floyd’s is pursuing the UN Human Rights Court to get involved, and the GoFundMe campaign has already raised over $11M, which will allow the family to take this case to the highest court possible. Even though this is working within the constraints of a broken system, any help we can offer this cause and the families of those affected is much needed help. Please contact me if you’re interested. Much love, to all. My personal electric, which I built because I didn't have an electric guitar at the time, but still had a collection of amps (obviously). Since then, I've managed to buy back my first electric guitar that I made (which also happens to be the very first guitar I made). Seeing as I haven't played this guitar much in the last few years, I've decided to offer it at a discount.

C$1600 C$2000(-20%)
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This guitar is made out of mostly reclaimed and local material, minus the spanish cedar laminate neck. The body is made of Manitoulin Island Black Cherry, dried since the 70's. The top and fingerboard is leftover from a furniture maker's Black Walnut scraps. This was my personal guitar between 2015 and 2018, until I managed to purchase my first telecaster I made, which is what this instrument was semi-inspired by, feel wise. This instrument is selling at a reduced price because it is a heavily used instrument, not initially intended for sale. If you're looking for a medium to heavy relic look, this instrument has that. 

Pickups: GoldTone Gold Foil Relics

Emerson Capacitor

250k pots

Body: 20"L, 13.75"W, 1.75"T

Neck: round D shape, 23mm at the nut - 24mm at the 12th, with a 1 5/8" nut. 

Dual Action Truss Rod

Shellac and wax finish

Ebony Nut

Curly maple tailpiece