(SOLD) Ladybug Flat-top

(SOLD) One of my more playful builds, I gave myself the freedom to experiment with every step along the way. I only used the best material I had in my shop, for a "traditional" wood combination of EI Rosewood, Englemann Spruce, Honduran Mahogany and African Ebony.

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For sale is no.36 named “Ladybug”. This particular instrument has been used as a show piece for the last Year, and has a few signs of play wear, therefor, it is reflected in the listing price. It's not "brand new", but it hasn't left my shop, so the buyer will be the first owner.

This acoustic guitar features a teardrop offset body shape, which is inspired by the D’aquisto teardrop shape meets Selmer gypsy jazz style guitars. This allows for a full body sound, which cutaways don’t tend to be known for. The rosette tiles were made in house, and feature a Charlie Harper inspired ladybug. This guitar features some of the finest materials in my shop. Although the guitar itself remains whimsical, it’s a very serious guitar as far as performance and sound. It has a distinctly full voice, with tons of presence even with a light touch. It responds very well to aggressive playing, and is the kind of guitar a versatile player could really get into. I’ve found it to work well with gypsy jazz, bluegrass, Travis picking, and modern finger style playing. The low end is quick to respond with a lot of sustain, the highs are quite full and not overpowered by the bass. The volume is quite balanced across the strings. Currently strung up with Thomastik .53 to .11. The truss rod cover is magnetic and is easily removable.


The teardrop shape is very comfortable in the classical position, and has added comfort thanks to the narrower sides. The bridge features a D'aquisto inspired wedge bridge, which allows the player to adjust the action, while allowing full saddle contact to the bridge.


Tech Specs:

Top - Bear claw Englemann Spruce

Back and Sides - East Indian Rosewood (dried 30 years)

Neck - South American Mahogany (dried 40 years)

Fingerboard - EI Rosewood

Bridge - Bocote / Ebony

Nut Material - Bone

Tailpiece - Maple, EI Rosewood, Ebony Veneer. Features inlayed "ladybug"

Binding - EI Rosewood W/Maple side purfling, B/W top purfling

Body Dimensions - 16" lower bout, 21" long, 3.25" (heel) to 3.75" side depth

Scale - 25"

Radius - 16'

Tuners - Rubner

Double action truss rod

Nut Width - 1 3/4"

12th Fret width - 2 1/8"

Top bracing - Hand cut white spruce arranged in a Lattice / X brace hybrid

Back bracing - Hand cut spruce

Neck Joint - Bolt on W/ mortise and tenon

Top, back and fingerboard extension are glued on with hide glue for ease of removal

Finish - Nitro Cellulose (I did not pore fill this instrument, as I find it reduces shimmer and depth within the wood surface)

Many of the design choices I've made are based on examining the long term flaws of conventional guitar design, through thousands of guitar repairs, and try to come up with solutions. The bridge and tailpiece style, combined with a bolt on neck, and hide glue construction, means that when this guitar needs adjusting down the road, it should be simple for a luthier to get it dialed in again. With this guitar comes a limited lifetime warranty (feel free to contact for terms) to the original owner of the guitar.

Case and freight included

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