Repair & Restoration

Repair & Restoration

The last 9 years has seen thousands of string instruments cross my bench, which has been a valuable tool for growth as a builder. Having worked on Violins, Cellos, Mandolins, Banjos, Dulcimers, Autoharps, Double Basses, Lutes, Bozoukis, and Balalaikas has been eye opening, even though guitars occupy the majority of my repair work. Most repairs are circumstantial, and if your instrument needs repair, it’s best to make an appointment to get a better idea of the work involved. Detailed photos of the damage always help if you're emailing or texting. 

Here's some of the repairs I do on a regular basis. If your repair isn't listed, I might still be able to help. 

All quotes are free

  • Setup 
  • Fret dress 
  • Refret 
  • Neck Heat press 
  • Bridge Re-glue 
  • Bridge Rebuild 
  • Headstock Break 
  • Custom Bone Nut 
  • Custom Bone Saddle 
  • Electronics Repair 
  • Cracks & Cleating 
  • Finishing Work
  • Neck Reset 
  • Replacement wooden parts (bridge, fingerboard, new neck, tailpiece, etc...)
  • Heavy Modifications - Let’s Talk!

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