From the beginning, my motivation was to offer reasonable and sustainability driven lutherie services in Northern Ontario. I also was hugely into Guy Clark, and he shed some light on the whole craft of instrument making. In 2010, I studied under Mike Jarvis and the crew at Summit, leaving that year long journey to start up shop on Manitoulin Island.

Since 2012, I've been building a variety of stringed instruments in my small Kagawong, Ontario workshop. I make every instrument by hand, on my own. All instruments are one of a kind, made in small batches, with overall styles changing from year to year. I offer a variety of custom options, and never seem to be short of new personal challenges and finding inspiration when it comes to making instruments.

Sustainability is integral to my decision making, and using local or reclaimed materials will always play an important role in that practice. My aspiration with every instrument is to make an heirloom that nods to the forthcoming, necessary changes to help continue making music, from one generation to the next. Some of these materials are close to one hundred years old, which makes them excellent candidates for musical instruments.

Maranger instruments is a family business - Meg, Poppy, Dolly, Willie, and I are all grateful for your support throughout the years, allowing us to keep living the dream. Occasionally, we will be doing some fundraising through merchandising, donating the profits to a Canadian not-for-profit of our choice, with community and allyship foremost in our minds.

Thanks for your continued support