DISGUISES - "...you're wearing disguises again..."

Stop making sense. You've probably heard someone sing that somewhere along the way. In my shop, sometimes that's the motto. The same guitars have been made a million times over, and as a maker I get the urge to just do something unusual, and usually take the time to experiment with it. The things that are familiar are the forms, but otherwise, this isn't a conventional archtop. It has structured sides, a bolt on neck, and is appointed with Bocote, which was gifted to me by a friend. I had a slab large enough to make the fingerboard, bridge, tailpiece, & headplate veneers from a tiny billet. It's named Disguises in relation to the mayan mask inspired inlay tiles, and a personal favourite Who song. Seeing as the wood was already kind of unusual, I figured I'd try my hand at an unusual burst. Red Cedar top, Broadleaf Maple back and sides, Bocote appointments, Rosewood binding.