Orbiter 2 - GFunk Edition

Here's what Grant had to say about his headless bass commission

"It's difficult to overstate how much care and pride Matt takes in his builds. From the first moment your hands glide over the neck you are immediately struck by the solid feel and impeccable craftsmanship and an attention to detail that borders on the obsessed. You would probably be forgiven if you thought, even for a moment, that he was building these wonderful instruments for himself. The whole process is further accented by Matt's accessibility and willingness to entertain all your ideas and wants no matter how crazy they might seem.

This build in particular resulted in a bass that is both lightweight and perfectly balanced. It has an effortless playability. Tone wise this bass can cop anything from a smooth classic P-bass tone to one reminiscent of a stingray, but always with an enticing growl and a clarity that can best be described as piano-like. Crystal clear harmonics ring out easily and sustain seemingly forever. From aggressive slap and percussive playing to resonant chords to deep and fat fingerstyle play this is an instrument that embodies the "tone is in your fingers" paradigm."

35" scale!!! Osage orange fingerboard on Manitoulin Birdseye Hard Rock Maple dried 25+ years. Curly Black Walnut drop top over Spanish Cedar body, for an incredibly lightweight instrument. Spanish Cedar is one of the most resonant materials I've come across, and it's my personal favourite material to work, which is why I chose it to carve the radius in the top, and the convex shape of the back. Grant let loose on his ideas for this one, and I just rolled with it. Now I'm a believer - headless is the future of the bass, without a doubt.