Joanne's LandRanger - mini carved-top jazz box

Joanne Landry approached me last year to build her a smaller bodied instrument to help her overcome some shoulder issues, which was effecting her playing. Upon hearing her playing for the first time, I realized how versatile of a player she was, blending jazz, folk, traditional French-Canadian music, pop, Latin, etc. The one style of instrument she didn't have in her arsenal was an Archtop, so the path was carved.

The top is Englemann Spruce carved over a full 1", the back, sides and neck are Manitoulin birdseye Maple, the fingerboard, binding, finger rest & bridge are Indian Rosewood, headplate veneer is local lightning struck Apple, the tailpiece is Walnut/Cherry/Walnut sandwhiched over 1/8" aluminum flat stock. Loaded with a Schatten Design pickup & Scherlter tuners. Warm, punchy, with a sweet, mellow voice - begs to be fingerpicked.