Orbiter 1 - space truckin'

dAfter many years of solely making acoustic guitars, I decided to start experimenting with solid-body and fully hollow electric guitars. This is the first of the Orbiter models, and something I had dreamed up years prior. I absolutely love Danelectro guitars - there's something about their aesthetic and simplicity that just attracts a space-age junkie like me. Unfortunately, they've got a reputation for being poorly built, so I thought I'd borrow some pointers from Nathan Daniel, and try to come up with something that was as much vibe as it was functional.

The single-cutaway is reminiscent of a Les Paul, but with a Dano volute. The lower bout measures 12.75, and the Red Cedar body makes it incredibly light weight. This guitar weighs around 4lbs! Spanish Cedar neck, Black Walnut fingerboard, and reclaimed Cocobolo drop-top, taken from a damaged OM back. Mojo UK WideRange Humbucker, Gotoh Tune-o-Matic, Gotoh Stealth tuners and 2-way Hot Rod truss rod.