Orbiter 3 - "Loungemaster"

This teal-sparkle space age inspired unit is a real space cowboy of a gunslinger - with a 60's tele inspired neck carve, 12' radius and jumbo frets, it plays as fast as you'd need to hurtle into space and back again. The Mojo UK Tesico silver foil pickups are an improved version of the originals, built into a Jazzmaster housing. The breakup is perfect when pushed, and sweet when approached lightly. They're quiet compared to most pickups, which means they have a huge potential for sweet overtones when overdriven, as I've quickly come to learn. These will not be standard issue, and is a one time only offering. 

Finished in Target Coatings water based lacquer, with light silver sparkle. Body is Tamarack drop top, over salvaged Elliot Lake mine Douglas Fir, Black Cherry neck over Black Walnut Fingerboard. Headplate veneer is 10000 year old English Bog Oak from a Mudge Bay shipwreck. Hipshot bridge, Dual action truss rod, Gotoh machine heads.