Rodney - aka Mammoth Lightning Rod

An all Mahogany OM built for my cousin Dan. When he and his partner come and visit from the big city, we often spend time in my shop, which inevitably leads to a spontaneous wood showcase. This guitar features some of my personal favourite wood species; shipwrecked English Bog Oak from Mudge Bay, and lightning struck birdseye Apple wood from Kagawong. The bog oak is from a massive 10" thick, 25" wide, 30" long piece, which was severely checked and cracked. I was still able to get roughly 10 fingerboards, bridges and headplate veneer's from this ancient piece of wood (estimated to be between 10 000 and 3000 years old). I threw in some petrified Mammoth tusk in the rosette, to go along with the equally ancient wood. A mid range monster of a guitar. Features a D'aquisto style bridge.