Terra Centauri 2  "Solar Flare"

This was what I imagined for Terra Plane to be, as far as aesthetic. The reason I didn't try this initially was doubt; whether or not this model and concept would be received harshly... which made me realized that would be all the more reason to pursue it... Conceptually, I wanted to turn my back to the crowd and really lean into something that I hadn't seen visually, in the guitar world. 

Toneally, it is a hybrid of all it's influences - Archtop, flat top and manouche guitars - and it delivers a tonal "cross section" of all three styles. The treble notes are defined, as is reminiscent of an archtop. The bass is boomy when provoked, much like that of any good flat top. When you lean into it, and get it swingin', it can "whomp" like a good manouche guitar does. It is a guitar that is meant to be played, and not in any one style. 

Terra Centauri 2