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My journey into instrument making started when I purchased a vintage Martin D-28, and found I was sold an instrument that needed massive amounts of repair. That didn't sit right with me, and I had no other local alternatives for instrument repair. From the beginning, my motivation was to offer reasonable and honest lutherie services in Northern Ontario. I also was hugely into Guy Clark, and he shed some light on the whole craft of instrument making. In 2010, I studied under Mike Jarvis and his crew, leaving that year long journey to start up shop on Manitoulin Island.

Since 2012, I've been building a variety of stringed instruments in my small Kagawong, Ontario workshop. I make every instrument by hand, on my own. All instruments are one of a kind, made in small batches, with overall styles changing from year to year. I offer a variety of custom options, and never seem to be short of new personal challenges and finding inspiration when it comes to making instruments.

Sustainability is integral to my decision making, and using local or reclaimed materials will always play an important role in that practice. My aspiration with every instrument is to make an heirloom that nods to the forthcoming, necessary changes to help continue making music, from one generation to the next. Some of these materials are close to one hundred years old, which makes them excellent candidates for musical instruments.

Maranger instruments is a family business -  Meg, Poppy, Dolly, Willie, and I are all grateful for your support throughout the years, allowing us to keep living the dream. From now on, a portion of every instrument sale will be donated to a Canadian non-for-profit of our choice. We believe in building and supporting strong communities, and I am making this my commitment for every instrument sold. 


Thanks for visiting - check out my YouTube page to hear some more tonal experiments, and visit my blog for more up to date information.



 "Matt’s respect for classic aesthetics combined with his unique brand of ingenuity creates a balance of tone and playability that feels old quick, in all the right ways.""

Jamie WardLocal Musican

 Matt, this instrument is incredible! You did an amazing job! Got it yesterday and still can't stop playing it. Thank you so, so much! I look forward to ordering a guitar from you in the future. Matt is the man! The guitar is like gold! It's absolutely incredible in every way!"

Shay Bachar

 What an incredible person. So passionate and caring. I am so very grateful to inherit his art. Man, I am so excited, I really can not thank you enough. Also, crazy fast shipping and communication was great. But again, what a guy. Truly honored my man. Thanks again."

Jason Fiorita

 I have just purchased my first handmade Instrument from Matt Maranger. It is precise and refined in a way I have never known an instrument to be, but make no mistake, it is all character. It has a smell that makes me remember working with my father as a child, the smell of oil, of machines, of a working mans hands. For the first time in my personal musical life I feel I have something to live up to, inspiration like that doesn't come along often."

Pat O'LearyLocal Musician


  • Kagawong, Ontario, Canada